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Aruba Networks Solution

Experience network innovation within a secure, compatible and dedicatedly designed platform for mobile and IoT.

ArubaOS network operating system

For improved network simplicity and security, ArubaOS network operating system delivers 24/7 reliability, layer 7 application visibility and control, and AI-powered RF optimization. Upgrade your entire network or individual clusters to the lastest wireless standards.

Manage up to 10,000 APs, cluster up to 12 controllers, securely segment traffic from one AP to multiple controllers with MultiZone.


- A network with zero downtime.

- The latest wireless standards for improved performance and security.

- AI-powered RF performance automation.

- 24/7 Utility-grade networking.

- Simplify and secure wired and wireless networks.

Why you need ArubaOS?

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Aruba Central - Cloud-Based Network Operations & Assurance

Aruba central simplifies the deployment, management, and service assurance of wireless, wired and SD-WAN environments.
Aruba unified network operations
A 3-step onboarding wizard, Zero Touch Provisioning, a mobile app, an intuitive dashboard and reporting capabilities help manage distributed environments of all sizes.


- Easy to use deployment tool.

- Cloud-based monitoring and control.

- AI-based analytics and Wi-Fi network insights.

- Automated mobile and IoT device visibility.

- Cloud-based solution simplifies deployment and management for faster time-to-value and cost savings.

- Seamless integration with clearpass policy manager.

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Aruba Wi-Fi access points

Aruba's access points comply with 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) standards and allow flexible deployment for midsize and large enterprise environments.They also support Bluetooth and Zigbee for IoT and location-based services.
Aruba Access Points 300
Entry-level 802.11ac Wave 2 access points
Aruba 300 series access points provide high performance and fulfilling user experience for every medium density environment.These wave 2 access points have an integrated Bluetooth Beacon that facilitates the remote management of the network and provides an advanced location and indoor way finding.
Aruba Access Points 510
High performance 802.11ax enterprise access points for campus deployments
The Aruba 510 series access points deliver high performance connectivity for mobile and IoT devices in any environment. They provide 802.11ax benefits to ensure good client experience in high-density environments.

Aruba Switching

Aruba switches are brilliantly designed for enterprise campus and branch networks, data centers and SMBs with built-in security and intelligent automation.
Aruba Switch

Aruba Switching Solution
Aruba switching solution handle new traffic loads and provide smart, automated insights to help IT more efficiently operate, manage and secure the network. Their role goes beyond providing high-performance connectivity to offering wireless aggregation and IoT control.


- Simple, unified wired and wireless.

- Secure access for users and IoT.

- Orchestrated switch configuration.

- Scales and performance for campus and data center.

- Flexible management.

- Network wide visibility and automation.

- Powerful automation and troubleshooting.

- High availability.

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