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Since inception in 1994, we've been providing an integrated portfolio of solutions, products and professional services that helped the customers remodel their businesses for the digital age.


To provide our customers with advanced innovative ICT services and solutions based on their needs by serving them in the fields of IT Infrastructure, Application Development, IT Security, Data Center, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things.


To become a leading ICT solution provider serving the new digital era using innovative technologies in the region.


IT System Solutions


We provide a wide range of IT system solutions for the modern business environment through planning, configuring, integrating and implementing quality systems such as Intel, Dell, HPE, Veeam, VMware and Microsoft. We also upgrade, support and maintain existing IT systems and applications.



We design, implement and support all IT infrastructure architectures including physical or virtual data centers, client/server environments, open systems and cloud computing infrastructures. Our team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in this field can deliver a smooth, flexible, secure and integrated IT infrastructure according to the highest standards.

IP Telephony system and VOIP


Cloud, mobile and IoT technologies evolution have revamped network security because organizations become more vulnerable to targeted threats. Our security solutions give overarching visibility and control on authorized/unauthorized behaviours, applications and responses. We implement and maintain security solutions according to our international partner's standards (Aruba Networks, Fortinet, ByondTrust, Microsoft and many more).

Firewall, anti-virus, antispam and network access control company in Lebanon


The all-in-one solution for Backup, Disaster Recovery, Migration and Data Retention can reduce the cost and hassles of implementing traditional backup software and secure your data assets. You can backup your data and servers locally, in our data center and/or in a secure cloud. Also, you can monitor your regular backups and data restore. Our cloud solution supports more than 20 platforms, including Office 365 and Google G Suite.


More than 400 contracts of support and maintenance has been covered with customers in Lebanon and across the Middle East.


We teamed up with the top leading international IT suppliers to provide the best of breed solutions for customers.

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For the soul purpose of supporting customers, the support team is available 7 days a week and you can send your request to:

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