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Digital Transformation starts with DNS (Domain Name Services).

Enterprise DNS’s unified architecture connects all disparateDNS and DHCP with centralized management of all clients and criticalassets. It plays a pivotal role in automation and self-service whileleveraging DNS data to provide complete visibility into network traffic. Italso allows you to control communications to unauthorized services and devices. BlueCatEnterprise DNS consists of four main solutions: Management, Automation,Security, and Services.


While cyber threats are bypassing the defenses of othersecurity tools, Enterprise DNS helps you mitigate threats before, during andafter they’ve made it inside your network.


Automate key IT services and resources. Leverage a robustlibrary of APIs and an automation platform that provides access to critical DNSservice and reduce SLAs. Let Enterprise DNS help you get your network where itneeds to be.


Centrally manage your core DNS and DHCP services withBlueCat Address Manager. Liberate your IT teams from day-to-day configurationduties, and let them respond to other more pressing priorities. 

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