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Molex solutions help organizations of all sizes meet thechallenge of harnessing technology to deliver outstanding commercial andoperational outcomes.


Structured cabling solutions have gained a deservedreputation for high-performance, durability and innovation, delivering ITinfrastructure solutions that maximize performance, increase efficiency andstrengthen security.

With the rapid growth of IP-based systems, cloud servicesand the Internet of Things, it’s become essential to ensure that the LANcabling system you specify and install today, meets the needs of yourorganization, tomorrow.


Molex offers over 30 years’ of experience in the design andmanufacture of structured cabling systems and end-to-end solutions that datacenters around the world rely on.

The data center is at the very heart of an organization’scritical infrastructure; whether it’s a single rack or covers many floors in apurpose-made building, getting the design of your data center cabling right isessential if you’re going to stay on top of your organization’s growth and ITupgrades.

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