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Lebanese Students to receieve 3G Tablets with two year broadband connectivity

Beirut, Lebanon, 19th October 2012: In the presence of the Lebanese Minister of Education, Intel signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Telecommunications in Lebanon to support the two mobile operators Alfa and touch in their attempt to supply Lebanese students with purpose-built 3G tablets kitted with academic content and robust security at affordable prices. The tablets will come with two years broadband connectivity that allow parental supervision and offer users web-filtering and Internet security.

The tablets will have a fully integrated, holistic education solution including valuable education content, cost-effective manageability and robust security. In order to maximize the positive economic impact on Lebanon, the MoU entails that the Tablet should also be assembled in Lebanon. To that end, Intel will work with Triple C, an Intel Technology Provider and Platinum Partner in Lebanon since 2001, to facilitate the implementation of the MoU.

It is key that we encourage our Mobile Operators to create tailored products to our young Lebanese population to help lower the barrier of entries across all the levels of the society. Hence, part of this project was to offer 1500 tablets for the public schools students and teachers for free.

Our vision with this project is to build the foundation for an echo system of different key players enabling the support of creating new educational solutions, new jobs and drive a long term economical value to the country while serving our young students. HE Mr. Nicolas Sehnaoui explained.

HE Prof Hassan Diab, minister of Education and Higher Education, believes that the implementation of this MOU will elevate the educational experience of students to a higher level of quality. 'The ministry of education and higher education asserts its unwavering commitment to support this initiative To achieve this, MEHE will invest in HR and ICT resources in schools to provide enhanced learning experiences for students to become more creative and better lifelong learners 'HE Prof Diab added.

In addition to the availability of 3G tablets, Intel is encouraging developers in Lebanon to enroll in the Intel Youth enterprise program to learn the process of developing and scaling ideas. The program includes an Intel Ideation Camp to support developers in coming up with innovative solutions to tackle identified economic and societal problems. The ideation camp is followed by a Intel training on entrepreneurship skills to commercialize and scale the designed applications. This is done under intensive mentoring and coaching.

“Improving the life of youth worldwide continues to be a high priority for Intel, especially in the most dynamic regions of the world such as the Middle East. Our goal is to equip students in Lebanon with 21st century skills to enable them compete in the global economy,” commented John Davies, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group and General Manager of the Intel World Ahead Program. “We are very pleased to have partnered with the Ministry of Telecommunications on a project that is set to have a positive impact on the Lebanese education system and help increase technology penetration of compute devices and broadband connectivity”.

The MOU is in line with Intel’s Digital Transformation Initiative for Middle East and North Africa which is aiming to inspire local innovation and competitiveness through research, education and entrepreneurship programs. Intel Education programs started in Lebanon with the joint MOU signed by Intel and the Ministry of Education in 2005 to launch Intel Teach, a worldwide program that helps teachers effectively bring technology into their classrooms. To date, Intel has trained 8000 teachers and deployed 1200 classmate in Lebanon working with local ecosystem to transform the education system.

“Education is the most valuable asset we can offer to our children allowing them to properly shape their future. I strongly believe that technology offers an amazing opportunity in leveling the playing field for our children,” added Bernard Rizk President and CEO of Triple C. “Technology helps them realize and share their hopes and dreams for a brighter and better future, both economically and socially. Being an Intel® Technology Provider Platinum Partner since 2001, our organization has aligned its long expertise in the design and implementation of integrated IT Systems with Intel’s technology. We are excited to be working on this project and look forward to the introduction of the tablets to boost ICT in the education sector in Lebanon”.

Intel’s developer’s relations division will provide application development training for developers and university representatives on application development tools. Trained developers will have access to onsite optimization support and technical support by Intel team to answer developer questions.