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Millennium@EDU Sustainable Education:

Bernard Rizk, President, CEO of Triple C is a founder and stakeholder in the Millennium Foundation.

Millenium@EDU Program was launched in New york on September 14th 2012 as a multi-stakeholder initiative, bringing together some of the world’s largest technology companies with local companies and other stakeholders willing to provide their contribution for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly making available the benefits of new technologies, such as information and communications.

Millennium@EDU is a multi-stakeholder initiative, creating an ecosystem of leading companies, including technology, education and local skilled firms from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, comprising names as Bibright, Caixa Magica, Critical Links, ECS, e-xample, Inforlandia, Intel Corp, JP - Inspiring Knowledge, Leya, McAfee, Microsoft Corp, One Global Economy, Orange ITS, PASCO scientific, SanDisk, Triple C, Videonet and Vye Pakistan & UK, bringing the best of the best to support learning and education and providing tools to improve its quality and access.