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Least Privilege Management:
Enforce least privilege on Windows & Mac endpoints without compromising productivity or security.

Hackers or insiders exploiting excessive privileges create security and compliance nightmares, but IT must enable users to maintain productivity. Eliminating admin rights on desktops, laptops and other endpoints is a common start to closing security gaps. However, many least-privilege solutions have zero visibility into application security. If a vulnerable or exploited application is elevated for use, then the least-privilege solution fails to reduce risk. To address endpoint least privilege challenges, security and IT teams have traditionally been forced to cobble together point tools from multiple vendors. The result?Unnecessary complexity, high costs, and no visibility into user behavior. Only BeyondTrust delivers a truly integrated approach to least privilege management.

Server Privilege Management:
Control administrator/root, reduce risk, and achieve compliance on Windows, Unix/Linux and network devices.

Lack of control over root or admin passwords,super-user status, or elevated privileges could lead to a damaging breach or audit violation. Although least-privilege enforcement on tier-1 Windows, Unix and Linux servers is critical, IT leaders are usually unable to control what users can do after authenticating into a server. Traditional solutions are not integrated, requiring a password storage tool to manage access and a separate sudo or least-privilege delegation tool for policy enforcement. This approach is inefficient, complex and expensive – plus it lacks behavioral analysis to identify security anomalies. Only BeyondTrust delivers a truly integrated approach to server privilege management.

Enterprise Password Management:
Gain visibility and control over privileged credentials - as well the systems they're designed to protect. 

Organizations that can’t effectively find, manage or monitor privileged credentials could end up with a serious data breach on their hands. And the most devastating breaches not only capitalize on compromised privileged access credentials, but also leverage system vulnerabilities to do additional damage. Unfortunately, most enterprise password management tools are simply unable to account for both access- and vulnerability-based risk. All too often, this leads security and IT leaders to cobble together point tools from multiple vendors. The result? Unnecessary complexity, high costs, and several security gaps. Only BeyondTrust delivers a truly integrated approach to enterprise password security.

Additional Solutions:

- Vulnerability management: vulnerability Management Solutions that Deliver Unmatched Reporting, Scalability and Coverage.

- Windows EditingReal-Time Auditing and Recovery for Windows Environments.

- Cloud SecurityPrivileged access management and security for cloud and hybrid environments. 

- DevOps SecuritySecure your DevOps environment with integrated privilege, password, and vulnerability management solutions that won’t hamper development speed or agility.

- IoT SecurityReduce the risks of insecure IoT devices and achieve business goals by controlling user privileges and eliminating device vulnerabilities.

- Identify & Access Management (IAM)Maintain control over all privileged and non-privileged accounts.

- Managed Network Security Solutions (MSP): Integrated privilege and vulnerability management solutions that managed service providers can host on-premise or in the cloud.

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